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Mr. Clifford Magee is an attorney with more than thirty (30) years litigation experience and hundreds of dispute resolutions as a neutral. He is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University Law School's Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution with an LL.M. in ADR. More recently he was a participant in Harvard University's Program of Negotiation. Mr. Magee is an active pilot and holds Federal Aviation Administration Airline Transport Pilot and Mechanic Certificates with Multi-engine Land, Airframe and Powerplant ratings.


Former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey was fired a few months ago. Yesterday evening he demonstrated a three-step process of how to remove any trace of credibility: 1) place yourself first; 2) place a price on your credibility, and; 3) blame everybody else even if you have doubts and you… Read More »

“Owning It,” today.

Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, in his opening of the Congressional Hearing about Facebook, (April 10, 2018), “owned it.” Hearing over. Mark Zuckerberg testified today before the United States Congress. He opened with taking responsibility. Like or dislike him and the situation, the hearing was finished before it started but for the senators wanting to hear… Read More »


“CHAPPAQUIDDICK” is a new movie released in United States theatres this past week. The movie is relative to ADR and negotiation processes and the vital element of credibility in those processes. The basis of the movie is a traffic accident involving Former Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy as the driver of a vehicle that left the roadway… Read More »

Return to Basics, Distinguishing between Facts and Opinions.

The re-write of our website is well underway. The re-write has the approach of standards recently abandoned. We are reintroducing the division of fact from opinion. This return to an educational format is a demonstration of how we approach dispute resolutions. That is: Education = Peace, Ignorance = Violence. Further, we attempt to identify opinions… Read More »

Website Update

Our website is being updated. The project is scheduled for completion this week. We are available by phone to provide answers to any questions. +1(866) 747-1747.

We are open!

Firm Opening October 1, 2016

Our firm will open for accepting cases October 1, 2016. This is a significant date for our firm and the ADR industry. Decades of litigation provided many opportunities for mediation, as advocates. Consistently, those mediations resulted in fair settlements as plaintiffs and defendants. However, obtaining those settlements were rarely efficiently reached. These included aviation and aerospace… Read More »


Welcome to our new blog, please check back for updates.