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Former United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey was fired a few months ago. Yesterday evening he demonstrated a three-step process of how to remove any trace of credibility: 1) place yourself first; 2) place a price on your credibility, and; 3) blame everybody else even if you have doubts and you contradict your own facts.

Loss of credibility is similar to the loss of mortal life. Once ended, it is gone, forever. Many methods of ending credibility are available. Representing opinions as facts, the definition of fake news, is well demonstrated by Mr. Comey, is one method. Association with people like him is another.

Maybe, the advocates and enablers of mainstream media will learn as they promote and consume Mr. Comey’s book, in that order. Avoid any risk of losing your credibility through association with them.

Loss of credibility is the same in ADR processes as it is in the public forum. It is gone in an instant and once it is gone, it is gone forever.