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Firm Opening October 1, 2016

Our firm will open for accepting cases October 1, 2016. This is a significant date for our firm and the ADR industry.

Decades of litigation provided many opportunities for mediation, as advocates. Consistently, those mediations resulted in fair settlements as plaintiffs and defendants. However, obtaining those settlements were rarely efficiently reached. These included aviation and aerospace disputes as well as attorney fee disputes.

The reasons for the lack of efficiency were many. The primary reason was a lack of knowledge on the part of neutrals and opposing advocates alike. That lack of knowledge was the result of numerous factors. The primary of those were: Lack of knowledge of the importance interest fulfilment is the lack of knowledge of the very subject matter of the dispute. All of this results in what is best described as a lack of preparation.

The significance of the opening day to our firm is that of a new phase of professional services being provided by our principal and associate members.

The significance to the ADR industry is that the processes we utilize fair and efficient dispute resolution is unique to this region of the country.