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“Owning It,” today.

Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, in his opening of the Congressional Hearing about Facebook, (April 10, 2018), “owned it.” Hearing over.

Mark Zuckerberg testified today before the United States Congress. He opened with taking responsibility. Like or dislike him and the situation, the hearing was finished before it started but for the senators wanting to hear themselves.

Some matters demand congressional treatment. Civil litigation is a better means to handle others. Simply leaving well enough alone is the best means of addressing most disputes. The First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, is the former. Facebook, as a private company is the latter.

Read Facebook’s Terms of Service, an agreement, as a user, realize you are the product, and you posted the information they sell. You agreed to it when you opted-in.

Mark Zuckerberg took responsibility during the hearing. It will be interesting to see how many Facebook users do not accept responsibility for not reading and understanding the user agreement they accepted. Agreement by acceptance before they posted their information then, proceed with civil litigation failing to follow Mark Zuckerberg’s example of taking responsibility.

The solution is simple. It is not governmental censorship, terms of use written by Congress nor other rules or regulations. Simply opt-out or close your Facebook account. Next …

(Originally posted on Facebook, April 10, 2018. Update as of April 15, 2018: Facebook stock value as of April 10, 2018, dipped to its lowest point of $157.70. As 0f April 13, 2018, the stock had risen to 167.66)